Congressman Messer, member of RNC leadership, must demand RNC return tainted donations raised by Steve Wynn


INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party is urging Congressman Messer, member of the Republican National Committee’s leadership team, to urge his fellow RNC members to return any of the committee’s donations raised by alleged serial sexual assaulter and RNC finance chairman Steve Wynn.

A shocking report published this afternoon by the Wall Street Journal detailed a history of disturbing sexual harassment and assault committed by casino magnate Steve Wynn. The report details multiple accusations by Wynn’s employees that he repeatedly forced them to engage in various acts with him, settling cases later with them worth millions of dollars. Wynn, a longtime major GOP donor, became the RNC’s lead fundraiser in January when he became the committee’s finance chair.

Congressman Messer is a member of the RNC’s national leadership team in his role as Republican Policy Committee Chairman. Since last fall, Congressman Messer has taken a zero tolerance policy against sexual harassment in politics, and went on record in November making it clear he believed any political contributions from public figures accused of sexual harassment should be disposed of. He has yet to say anything in the wake of the Wynn revelations.

“Congressman Messer has made clear he believed in a zero tolerance policy in politics towards sexual harassment; he was right then, and he is right now,” said Michael Feldman, spokesman for the Indiana Democratic Party. “Now that the GOP’s top fundraiser has been accused of such behavior, Congressman Messer has a real opportunity to live up to his own principles. He needs to step up and call on his fellow leadership in the RNC to donate any and all money raised by Mr. Wynn to charity.”



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