Congressman Rokita keeps primary feud alive with new email calling Congressman Messer “unhinged”


INDIANAPOLIS – The increasing battle between the Republican Senate primary’s two front-runners shows no sign of stopping as Congressman Rokita sent yet another email attacking Congressman Messer, stretching their string of vitriolic notes against each other into a second week.

In an email to supporters Sunday afternoon, Congressman Rokita only made it four sentences before hitting his likely primary opponent. The email devoted a paragraph to the attacks, writing that “earlier this week, our potential primary opponent, unhinged and angry over his lackluster fundraising, sent out a panicked, dishonest email lashing out at Todd.”

It’s undoubtedly a reference to Congressman Messer, whom Congressman Rokita’s campaign previously called “unhinged” after he sent an email Monday titled “I’m tired of Todd Rokita lying about my family.” Congressman Rokita responded in an initial email of his own describing Congressman Messer as “dishonest,” “desperate,” and “out of touch.”

Last week’s back-and-forth ultimately reached the point where both men were shamed in a Fort Wayne News-Sentinel editorial that declared the two men were “too busy beating each other up” to focus on substantive debate. Congressman Rokita’s latest email makes clear that the two men are not ready to reach a temporary truce yet, though.

“Congressmen Messer and Rokita’s online feud is now stretching into its second week, and neither one shows any sign of slowing,” said Will Baskin-Gerwitz, Senior Media Strategist for the Indiana Democratic Party. “As both men continue to aggressively attack each other before even declaring for the primary, Indiana Republicans must be wondering how damaging the fighting between the two men will get after they formally enter the race.”


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