Congressman Rokita praises Trump budget, loves hundreds of billions of dollars of “humane” cuts to Hoosier seniors’ Medicare


INDIANAPOLIS – Congressman Rokita praised the Trump budget and its massive cuts to Medicare yesterday, claiming the President is eliminating debt in a “very humane way” by cutting services for Hoosier seniors from a vital program that they’ve earned.

In an interview yesterday on Fox News, Congressman Rokita praised the Trump budget, which adds $7 trillion to the national debt despite massive cuts to Medicare and Medicaid. The White House’s new budget proposal slashes Medicare, Medicaid, and associated programs by $1.7 trillion, including $237 billion from Medicare alone. He went on to describe the attempts to cut the deficit on the backs of Hoosier seniors and those about to retire as “humane.”

This is not the first time Congressman Rokita has advocated for cutting Medicare and Medicaid. In December of last year, he went on WIBC and echoed Speaker Ryan’s call to gut these programs, saying that “we just gotta keep at it and at it and at it” when it comes to cutting Medicare and Medicaid.

“Older Hoosiers have spent their working lives paying into Medicare, and they expect it to be there for them when they retire. Does Congressman Rokita really think gutting Medicare and similar programs is the “humane” thing to do for Indiana?,” said Michael Feldman, spokesman for the Indiana Democratic Party. “The truth about Congressman Rokita’s repeated attempts to gut Medicare is plain to see for any Hoosier watching: he simply doesn’t think millions of older Hoosiers deserve the health care they’ve earned.”


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