Congressman Todd Young Boasts About Experience He Doesn’t Have


Young misleads Hoosiers with exaggerated resume

INDIANAPOLIS – For years, Congressman Todd Young has embellished his work experience, hoping to avoid discussing his record of harmful policies that put the special interests before Hoosier families.

Among the exaggerations on Young’s resume: he claimed he worked as deputy prosecutor in Orange County; founded an unregistered advocacy organization; and abandoned a website dedicated to Hoosier job creation.

Congressman Young lists his work as a “deputy prosecutor” with the Orange County prosecutor’s office on his biography on the GOP website, and it was included on his bio for the Indiana Business Journal just a few weeks ago. In fact, he even ran online ads on his experience as a deputy prosecutor during his 2010 campaign. But as the Louisville Courier-Journal reported, Young never earned a salary or reported any earned income collected from Orange County, and the Orange County Prosecutor stated that Young would mostly fill in for his wife, the Chief Deputy Prosecutor, whenever she could not perform her duties.

In another instance of profound embellishment, Congressman Young claimed to have founded an advocacy organization, the National Organization For People Vs. Irresponsible Government Spending (NO PIGS) in 2007. However, NO PIGS is not a registered organization at either the state or federal level.

And finally, when Congressman Young was up for reelection, he touted a website to promote his work on creating Hoosier jobs. But only two months later, he gave up on the website. That doesn’t come as a surprise since Todd Young’s actions have likewise shown no interest in creating or protecting jobs in Indiana. He has rooted against the auto industry—saying that saving 100,000 Hoosier jobs with the auto rescue was “a waste”—and against Indiana’s farmers and ethanol industry, which employs 25,000 Hoosiers, all while promoting job-killing trade deals and policies that encourage shipping jobs overseas.

“Congressman Todd Young is comfortable deceiving Hoosier voters about his record because he has always looked out for his own political ambition,” said John Zody, Chairman. “It begs the question; why does Congressman Young feel the need to mislead Hoosiers by inflating his experience? It’s because he knows his record the past six years in Washington includes nothing but harmful policies that make it harder for hard-working Hoosiers to get ahead. The families of Indiana deserve a U.S. Senator who has actually delivered results for this state, and that’s Evan Bayh without question.”


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