Congressman Todd Young Campaigns with Carly “Outsourcer-In-Chief” Fiorina


Congressman Young Supports Protecting Tax Breaks for Companies Like Hewlett-Packard, Who Shipped Thousands of Jobs Overseas with Fiorina as CEO

Fiorina Announced More Than 200 Indiana Layoffs in 2003

INDIANAPOLIS—What’s a candidate like Congressman Todd Young to do after he’s been put on defense the entire campaign for supporting job-killing trade deals and protecting tax breaks for companies like Carrier that ship Hoosier jobs overseas?

Apparently Congressman Young thinks it’d be wise to hold a campaign event today with Carly Fiorina, whose career as CEO of Hewlett-Packard was defined by outsourcing, 30,000 layoffs—including more than 200 in Indiana—and her belief that “there is no job that is America’s God-given right anymore.”

“It says a lot about Congressman Young’s priorities that he’s decided to spend the final days of this election with a former CEO who outsourced thousands of jobs,” said Brooke Bainum, press secretary. “Congressman Young is solidifying his own political agenda that rewards companies for shipping Indiana jobs overseas while leaving Hoosier workers behind.  This is just another example of how Congressman Young will always put himself before Hoosiers.”

Today’s pairing isn’t just a coincidence. If Congressman Young had his way, HP would have kept their tax breaks for outsourcing American jobs as the company did under Fiorina’s leadership. But what about those workers displaced by corporate outsourcing? Congressman Young is “philosophically” opposed to programs providing assistance and job training opportunities for these displaced workers to get back on their feet.

Further, it should be as no surprise that Congressman Young will be fundraising later today with someone like Carly Fiorina. Young had no problem taking donations from Carrier, even after they shipped 1,400 Indiana jobs overseas—proving that Young will do anything if it helps him get ahead.

Background Information: Todd Young Putting His Political Agenda Ahead of Hoosiers

Jul. 2003: Hewlett-Packard Filed Notice With The State To Eliminate 218 Hoosier Jobs. “Earlier this week, Ford Motor Co. spin-off Visteon Corp. announced 177 July layoffs at its Indianapolis auto parts plant. Other layoff notices filed with the state include Hewlett-Packard’s plans to dismiss 218 workers at its computer assembly and sales facility in July.” [Indianapolis Star, 6/20/03]

Headline: “Carrier Plans To Lay Off 1,400 Indy Workers In Mexico Move.” [Indianapolis Business Journal, 2/10/16]

Alex Housten Gave $500 To Friends Of Todd Young On 4/1/16 [Federal Elections Commission, accessed 7/12/16]

Alex Housten Was The Managing Director At United Technologies Electronic Controls; Spoke On Plans To Outsource Jobs. According to the Hartford Courant, “‘This plan is intended to address the challenges we continue to face in a rapidly changing industry, with a continued and steady migration’ of equipment manufacturing customers and competitors to northern Mexico, said Alex Housten, managing director at United Technologies Electronic Controls.” [Hartford Courant, 2/12/16]


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