Congressman Todd Young Refuses to Disavow His Belief That Rescue of 100K Hoosier Jobs Was “A Waste”


INDIANAPOLIS – Congressman Todd Young and his campaign are refusing to disavow his destructive opposition to the auto rescue. In fact, Congressman Young continues to ignore Hoosier workers, and instead is standing by his belief that the auto industry should have gone “belly up” and saving 100,000 Hoosier jobs was “a waste.”

Congressman Young has never been a friend to auto workers and has refused to protect the Hoosier middle class that make up a large portion of the state.

“It’s outrageous that Congressman Young rooted for the auto industry to go “belly up” and would have let 100,000 Hoosiers lose their jobs without batting an eyelash. The Young Campaign’s choice to stand by those anti-Hoosier comments is shameful.” said John Zody, Chairman. “Congressman Young has proven he will put his own political agenda ahead of Hoosiers every chance he gets. Hoosiers want someone like Evan Bayh who puts our values first. Bayh has worked with Republicans to save Hoosier auto jobs and voted for programs that helped Hoosiers laid off from outsourcing—something Congressman Young vehemently opposed.”

Congressman Young had his chance to correct the record. But when asked point blank if he stood by his anti-jobs remarks, Congressman Young’s campaign refused to renounce his dangerous beliefs.


Todd Young Said He Would Have Opposed The Stimulus And Rescue Programs Passed By Congress, Including Assistance For The Auto Industry. “Republican Todd Young said Monday he would have opposed the major stimulus and bailout programs Congress has passed the last two years – including assistance for the auto and banking industries – had he been in office.” [Courier-Journal, 9/27/10]

Young: Auto Rescue Was A “Waste,” Companies Should Go “Belly Up.” Young: “Taxpayers are required to bailout a multinational automobile company, that very inefficient. What a waste. All the more reason to let it go belly up.” [YouTube, Todd Young Corydon Meeting, 6/16/10]

Center For Automotive Research: The Financial Collapse Of Chrysler and GM Would Have Cost Indiana Over 100,000 Jobs. “More than 1 million U.S. jobs – and more than 100,000 in Indiana – are riding on whether the bankruptcies of Chrysler LLC and General Motors Corp. are quick and orderly, according to a prominent research center’s study. But if Indiana Treasurer Richard Mourdock is successful in stopping the proposed sale of Chrysler – in which state bondholders would take a $6 million loss – it could drag out that bankruptcy and convince some GM bondholders to do likewise, experts said. […] But if the bankruptcies are protracted, consumers will desert the carmakers, creating massive disruptions in the supply chain and huge job losses, the study said. In Indiana, 13,000 jobs would be lost by 2011 under the best- case scenario. But if the bankruptcies become open-ended, 124,000 Hoosier jobs could be lost, the study said.” [Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, 6/0/09]


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