Congressman Todd Young’s Reckless Spending Plan Harms Hoosier Seniors


Young would end Medicare as we know it, increase health costs for Hoosier seniors

INDIANAPOLIS – At a press conference today, Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody announced the new “Indiana Democratic Party Report: The Young Plan and Its Harmful Effect On Seniors,” detailing Congressman Todd Young’s reckless plan that harms Hoosier seniors and weakens their health security. Under Young’s plan, the more than one million Hoosiers counting on the Medicare benefits they’ve earned would face steep hikes in health care costs.

The Young Plan would raise prescription drug prices for Hoosiers by $120 million over 10 years, and increase out-of-pockets costs for seniors by $6,400—amounts that force seniors to choose between their medications or other essential bills.

“Congressman Todd Young has spent his time in Washington putting his own political ambitions first at the expense of Hoosier seniors,” said John Zody, Chairman. “The Young Plan is a reckless, reactionary plan that would end Medicare as we know it, increase seniors’ out of pocket health care costs, and harm the economic security of Hoosiers. While Young’s radical plan would be awful for our seniors, it would benefit the special interests Congressman Young favored in D.C. Hoosiers can’t risk allowing Todd Young’s political agenda to reach the U.S. Senate.”

“Congressman Todd Young wants to take Hoosier seniors’ hard-earned benefits away from them. That means money out of my pocket and less money for my family,” said Cheryl Laux, a retired medical professional from Indianapolis. “Hoosier seniors like me have worked hard, and we were made a promise. It’s pretty clear that Congressman Young isn’t looking out for Hoosier seniors. In fact, Congressman Young has proven that he is priority number one – even if it means hurting Hoosier seniors.”



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