Congressman Young Could Take Lessons from Condoleezza Rice on Standing Up To Trump


INDIANAPOLIS–Congressman Young, who continues to support Donald Trump despite tapes of him condoning sexual assault and his toxic rhetoric about women, veterans, immigrants and even a Hoosier judge, claimed just last week that when Donald Trump is “wrong” he could be an “independent voice” who would speak out “quite forcefully” against him.

“I would be supportive of him, but when he’s wrong, I would be an independent voice prepared to speak out quite forcefully against him,”—Congressman Todd Young to the Washington Post, October 11, 2016.

Yesterday, Congressman Young had his chance to prove his independence after Trump refused to commit to accepting the results of Election Day at the final debate, a position that has drawn sharp condemnation from Republican Senators and leaders. Instead…

Young, who is running for Senate, neither supported nor criticized Trump. He said he missed the debate, because he was reading at the time.” —Los Angeles Times

Young is in “a bit of rhetorical purgatory, forced to respond to Trump but unwilling to pick a fight with him. Young said Thursday there could be a “psychological rigging of the election”—Politico

Today, Young is joined on the trail by former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who could show the Congressman a thing or two about what standing up to Trump looks like:

So the questions for Congressman Young today are: Does he not think what Donald Trump said on the integrity of our elections was “wrong?” Or does his spineless response mean what matters most to Congressman Young is political self-preservation, and he’s lying to Hoosiers about his ability to speak out “quite forcefully” against Donald Trump?

Or perhaps, we should ask Secretary Rice.



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