Congressman Young Reports to Job-Killing Corporations that Back His Campaign


Anti-Jobs Congressman Young Profits At Expense of Hoosier Workers

INDIANAPOLIS – Congressman Todd Young has been a long and vocal proponent of dangerous, job-killing trade policies that leave Hoosier workers unprotected. What’s worse, Young is unabashedly taking money to fund his campaign from large corporations and special interest groups in Washington despite their anti-jobs agenda that jeopardizes Hoosiers.

The extreme free trade that Todd Young supports led Carrier to ship its jobs overseas to Mexico, a move that eliminated more than 2,000 Hoosier jobs. And even after the layoffs were announced, Congressman Young continued taking campaign donations from Carrier—and is “philosophically opposed” to and voted against a retraining and assistance program for Hoosier workers whose jobs were outsourced.

Todd Young continues promoting a reckless agenda of free trade, despite trying to hide his anti-jobs record and claim that he supports “fair trade.”

“Congressman Todd Young is putting Hoosiers’ livelihoods and their jobs in danger,” said John Zody, Chairman of the Indiana Democratic Party. “That’s because he’s accountable to the special interest groups in D.C. whose radical agenda hurts Hoosier workers. Congressman Young may claim he’s now for ‘fair trade,’ but he’s not fooling anyone with his extensive record of support for radical trade policies that hurt Hoosier workers. Congressman Young should stop reporting to special interest groups who want to see Hoosiers out of work, and start reporting to Hoosiers.”


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