Congressman Young Runs from Support of Trade Deals That Leave Hoosier Workers Defenseless


INDIANAPOLIS – Congressman Todd Young is attempting to spin his way out of his vocal support for bad trade deals that leave Hoosier workers defenseless while lining the pockets of the special interest allies keeping his campaign afloat.

And that’s not all—Congressman Young is “philosophically opposed” to retraining programs for workers who have lost their jobs to countries like China and Mexico because of his out-of-touch, Washington-first agenda. Only when he’s facing political danger does Congressman Young now advocate for “fair” trade, and it’s a clear flip-flop from his previous support on the issue when hepraised free trade with Mexico.

“Congressman Young’s record shows he wants Hoosier workers to be defenseless against bad trade deals and unfair practices from foreign countries like China and Mexico,” said John Zody, Chairman of the Indiana Democratic Party. “He can try to spin it any way he wants, but there’s nothing ‘fair’ about voting against the Hoosier middle class. It’s obvious that Congressman Young will say anything to distract Hoosiers from the fact he forgot about their interests the moment he set foot in Washington.”


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