Congressman Young STILL Hasn’t Explained Why He Wanted to Let the Indiana Auto Industry Go “Belly Up”


Young should explain why he thought auto rescue that saved 100,000 Indiana jobs was a “waste”

INDIANAPOLIS – Congressman Todd Young often tries to claim he’ll be the voice of Hoosiers in Washington – except of course if you are one of the 100,000 Hoosiers working in the auto industry whose job was at risk during the auto rescue.

In fact, with just four days left in the campaign, Congressman Young has yet to explain to Hoosiers why he called the bipartisan auto rescue a “waste,” and said we should have just let it go “belly up.” He told the Louisville Courier-Journal Editorial Board that he was “sympathetic” to the families who could have lost their jobs, but that “private banks” could have helped them out instead.

As studies have shown, “well over half of all employment” in the city of Kokomo would have collapsed if not for the auto rescue. Without the rescue, 15 to 24 percent of all employment in Columbus, Anderson, and Lafayette would have been lost. Nine to 15 percent of the jobs in Muncie would have disappeared. That’s why Evan Bayh worked with Sen. Lugar to help pass the auto rescue and protect Hoosier workers.

To Congressman Young though, it was all a waste. Here are questions Hoosiers deserve answers to:

– Do you still believe saving 100,000 Hoosier jobs was a “waste”?

– What would you say to an auto worker in Indiana who had their job saved by the auto rescue?

– Why have you voted to protect tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas, but you didn’t want to protect the jobs of Hoosier auto workers?

– Do you think your silence on this issue is good enough for the families whose livelihoods were at risk?


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