Congressman Young’s Many Unanswered Questions from Last Night’s Debate


INDIANAPOLIS – Last night’s Indiana Senate debate was a study in contrasts: Evan Bayh was “confident and in command” as he spoke of his vision to stand up for Hoosier workers and “prepared” for Congressman Young’s predictable and flailing attacks, while Congressman Young appeared “nervous” and simply “repeated the same lines” instead of trying to explain to Hoosiers why he has repeatedly promoted policies that are harmful to them and their families.

“There’s a good reason Congressman Young didn’t even attempt to defend his record last night—it’s indefensible,” said Drew Anderson, Communications Director. “While Todd Young might be more comfortable sticking to scripted talking points than explaining his votes to let companies like Carrier keep tax breaks for shipping Hoosier jobs overseas or his opposition to the auto rescue, Hoosiers know that his silence speaks volumes. Congressman Young may not want to address his policies that harm the state, but Hoosier families will reject those policies loud and clear come Election Day.”

Despite the fact that Evan Bayh pointed repeatedly to Congressman Young’s record that harms Hoosier families and workers, Young left many questions unanswered, such as:

– Why did Congressman Young vote to allow companies like Carrier to keep their tax breaks even when they ship Hoosier jobs overseas? Furthermore, why did Congressman Young accept donations from Carrier’s parent company even after they outsourced 1,400 Indiana jobs to Mexico? (47 minutes into debate video)

– Why did Congressman Young say the auto rescue that helped save 100,000 Hoosier jobs was a “waste…let it go belly up?” (45 minutes into debate video)

– Why did Congressman Young vote 23 times to allow known or suspected terrorists to purchase guns?  (35 minutes into debate video)

– Why did Congressman Young vote against funding for PTSD treatment for veterans and against suicide prevention services for service members and veterans? (31 minutes into debate video)

– Why did Congressman Young vote to privatize Social Security, call Medicare “welfare,” and vote to reopen the donut hole for seniors (43 minutes into debate video)?


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