Congressmen Messer, Rokita vote for GOP health plan even as Hoosiers benefitting from ACA call on them to protect their care


INDIANAPOLIS – Hours before Republicans in the House of Representatives, including Congressman Rokita and Congressman Messer, voted to pass a Republican bill to destroy the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Hoosiers who have benefitted from the ACA’s provisions called on Republicans not to gut their health care at a press conference this morning.

IDP Chairman John Zody and voters from across the state made clear that the bill would have disastrous effects on their insurance and their well-being. While the latest version of the Republican proposal has been rammed through the House before it can be fully analyzed, an earlier version would have thrown 365,500 Hoosiers off their health insurance.

Unable to pass the bill in its initial form, Republicans moved the bill further to the right in an effort to appease hard-liners in their caucus. The bill now gashes protections for pre-existing conditions and will allow health insurers to charge Americans astronomical rates if they’ve suffered medical conditions ranging from asthma to cancer. Fully 30% of Hoosier adults, including three of the speakers at today’s event, have pre-existing conditions and would face skyrocketing premiums under the new proposal.

Reports today also make clear the proposal may weaken employer-based healthcare plans, which would affect half of all Americans. Additionally, the bill currently provides exemptions for Members of Congress and their staff members so that they’re not subject to the same deregulations that will affect most Americans.

Every single Republican member of the House of Representatives from the Indiana delegation voted for the bill, including Congressman Rokita and Congressman Messer. Any proposal would also have to pass the Senate before becoming law; Joe Donnelly has vehemently opposed the Republican proposal.

“Republicans shoved this bill through the House as fast as they can because every time Americans take a look at their proposal, they see a glaring new problem. If this proposal is signed into law, not only will tens of millions of Americans lose their health insurance, but countless others will face sky-rocketing premiums due to pre-existing conditions that are no fault of our own,” said IDP Chairman John Zody. “Republicans like Congressman Messer and Congressman Rokita are so desperate to pass this horrifying bill and please their party bosses that they’ve forgotten the very real impact this bill would have on families across Indiana. But the Hoosiers whose lives would be upended if this bill becomes law aren’t likely to forget going forward. They’ll certainly remember the next time Congressmen Messer or Rokita are on the ballot.”


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