Conservative radio host continues crusade against Congressman Rokita


INDIANAPOLIS—A conservative radio host increased his criticism of Congressman Rokita’s campaign for the second time in a week Friday, further showcasing the division within the GOP caused by its combative Senate primary.

WIBC host Rob Kendall appeared back on the station Friday afternoon to discuss the fallout from an earlier show where he’d criticized Congressman Rokita. Despite attempting to clear the air, he instead launched new lines of attack, saying that Congressman Rokita and his staff “have really thin skin…  I’ve said things before that weren’t even meant to be critical and they’ve called me up saying, ‘Hey, what was that?’ If you can’t even deal with me, then how are you going to deal with Joe Donnelly?”

He went on to remind listeners of Congressman Rokita’s history of abusing his staff, including the infamous eight-page memo on how to drive Congressman Rokita that was obtained by Politico in August. “This guy has been a nightmare to work for…  there’s tons of staffers out there, loyal GOP people, who’ve worked for this guy who can’t stand him,” Kendall said, alluding to the series of articles about Congressman Rokita’s behavior that have now come out.

Friday’s comments came after Kendall guest-hosted another WIBC program earlier in the week where he warned Republicans against nominating Congressman Rokita for his history of demeaning public statements about women, stating that “2018 [is] probably not the best time to have that on your track record.”

“There’s something for everyone—even Republicans—to dislike about every candidate in the GOP Senate primary, and there’s still five months to find out more,” said John Zody, Indiana Democratic Party Chairman. “Candidates like Congressman Rokita are so flawed that attempts to clear the air by conservatives result instead in them launching even more criticisms. How can Republicans hope to unite in time for November when every wing of their party is dragging each other down?”


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