Women’s Caucus


Who we are:

The IFDW is the structure that unifies and represents the diverse Democratic Women’s organizations in Indiana. As Members, each individual and/or organization is self-governing and autonomous under this structure. This collaboration assists in sharing of ideas and resources to best represent our Women and lend strength to our voice and presence in Indiana’s Democratic Party. The coalitions created will serve in many areas of interest to fulfill our common goals and yield the best results to the benefit our Women. We have established By-Laws to manage our unity which is Membership governed. We are also affiliated with the National Federation of Democratic Women.

2022-2024 IFDW Executive Board;

Roxanna Lucas Murray – President      

Christine Lowe   Debora Porter  Paula J Gilliam

Vicky Foltz  Stephanie Graf  Joselyn Whitticker

Liz Troxell  Megan Althouse

Annette Johnson Wilma Gold-Jones Tonda Pauley

Genny Tenbarge

Dues and PAC Donations

Individual Membership dues are $10.00 per year

Clubs/Organizations due are $50.00 per year

We gratefully accept any and all donations to sustain our efforts. Donations to our PAC aids in our support of our Democratic Women and Candidates.

We have three suggested PAC Membership Levels;

Supergirl / $25.00, Captain Marvel / $50.00, Wonder Woman / $100.00

(Membership Dues are included in PAC Donations)

For Dues or PAC donation, please use following link for your convenience;


Contact [email protected] with any questions and/or concerns

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