COVID-19 Resources


In every corner of our state, Hoosiers are taking care of one another. We’ve compiled two lists of statewide and county resources on how you can receive a hand during this time and how you can give a hand during this time.

Here are local updates and resources to help those in need:

Statewide resources


Here’s what you can do to give a hand:

  • Statewide: 
    • Central Indiana COVID-19 Community Economic Relief Fund, text HELP2020 to 91999 or donate online
    • Check out this list of Indiana service workers’ Venmo accounts to leave a virtual tip for one of the many service industry employees impacted by COVID-19 restrictions and closures
    • Goodwill announces COVID-19 emergency fund to support the needs of thousands of employees and families served by the organization. Donations to Goodwill are tax-deductible and can be made here.

If you do not see a relief program in your community represented in this list, please email [email protected] with information on the program.

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