Dave Hofmann Hosts Fundraiser at Business Leaving Lawrence With Oath Keeper Donor Scott Baldwin


INDIANAPOLIS – Lawrence Republican mayoral nominee Dave Hofmann today showed just how out of touch he is with the people of the city and its future. In a Facebook post, he posted pictures of a fundraising event at Monarch Distributing, who recently said they are leaving Lawrence next year. 

The event was hosted by State Senator Scott Baldwin, who was once listed as an “annual member” of the Oath Keepers, a far-right organization that participates in anti-government activities. Baldwin has yet to condemn the organization he used to donate to. 

Baldwin also made a comment during a Senate education committee meeting last year that teachers must be “impartial” when discussing Nazism. He attempted to walk the comment back after receiving backlash from local and national media.

“Republican Dave Hofmann is showing his true colors to the people of Lawrence. Hofmann is fine holding an event with Oath Keeper donor Scott Baldwin at a business leaving Lawrence behind and taking its tax dollars out of the city. Lawrence is one of the most diverse small cities in all of Indiana. It’s in that diversity that the city finds much of its strength. By allowing an elected official with ties to a white supremacist group to host his event, Hofmann is sending a clear message about what his priorities would be as mayor,” said Indiana Democratic Party Chairman Mike Schmuhl.

“Lawrence voters have a chance to reject Hofmann and Baldwin at the ballot box this fall by electing City Councilwoman Deb Whitfield to lead the city ahead. Deb is committed to sustained economic development in Lawrence that raises the quality of place and moves the city forward.”


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