Days before Manufacturing Day, Indiana jettisoning manufacturing jobs


Holcomb tightlipped as industry appears on the brink

INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana is just one of four states that lost manufacturing jobs in the past 12 months. New data from Holcomb’s Department of Workforce Development painted a grim picture. Indiana lost 1,500 manufacturing jobs between August and September 2019 and 3,000 in the past 12 months. Chairman John Zody pointed out that Governor Eric Holcomb, who never runs from an opportunity to spotlight positive economic news, has been silent at what could be a critical inflection point.

“Indiana appears on the leading edge of a manufacturing sell off, does Gov. Holcomb have a plan?” said Zody. “The red lights are flashing. Is Holcomb even paying attention?”

Indiana is the most manufacturing-dependent state in the country and the second least diverse economy. It means Indiana’s economy is potentially more vulnerable to a manufacturing downturn. After inheriting a decade-long economic tailwind, Indiana Republicans have largely failed to diversify Indiana economy. At the same time, Indiana Republicans have trimmed their investment in schools. If lawmakers invested the same portion of Indiana’s GDP into education as they did in 2010, Indiana would have $1.5 billion more for schools this year alone.

“Indiana Republicans piddled away a decade to strengthen Indiana’s labor force and prepare our state for the next recession,” said Zody. “Instead, they chased the cheap headlines of low-wage job announcements and failed to adequately invest in our state’s education system.”

Holcomb is currently traveling overseas.

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