Debate Dodge Fever spreads


IN Dems release public service announcement on risk factors 

INDIANAPOLIS – In what’s quickly becoming a full-fledged epidemic, Debate Dodge Fever has spread to a number of Indiana Republicans. The condition prevents members of the Indiana Republican Party from holding debates, appearing with their opponents at candidate forums or even responding to challenges.

Stage III Debate Dodge Fever (refusing to debate)

Running list of the afflicted


CD4 – State Rep. Jim Baird

CD6 – Greg Pence

CD8 – Rep. Larry Bucshon

CD9 – Rep. Trey Hollingsworth


SD49 – Sen. Jim Tomes

SD17 – Sen. Andy Zay

Stage II Debate Dodge Fever (Skipping candidate forums or events when invited or challenger attends) 

Running list of the afflicted

SD 38 – Jon Ford

HD46 – Rep. Bob Heaton

HD60 – Rep. Peggy Mayfield

HD62 – Rep. Jeff Ellington

HD65 – Rep. Chris May

HD75 – Rep. Ron Bacon

HD76 – Rep. Wendy McNamara

Stage I Debate Dodge Fever (Unresponsive to debate challenge issued or perpetually “working out details or schedules”)

Running list of the afflicted

HD26 – Rep. Sally Siegrist

HD81  – Rep. Martin Carbaugh

HD89 – Rep. Cindy Kirchhofer

SD22 – Ron Alting

Secretary of State Connie Lawson


Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody believed the condition would continue to spread among Indiana Republicans. It’s why Indiana Democrats released a public service announcement on risk factors and symptoms of the flare-up.

“It’s just the beginning. I’m positive more Indiana Republicans will come down with Debate Dodge Fever,” said Zody. “It’s about showing up to work and Republicans seem to think they aren’t accountable to Hoosier taxpayers. Until they believe they are, they’ll do everything they can to hide from Hoosier voters.”


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