Democrats’ Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal to Take Eric Holcomb’s Investment on Electric Vehicles to the #NextLevel


Indianapolis Business Journal: “Indiana currently has about 24 direct-current fast-charging stations…”

White House Fact Sheet: Indiana to receive $100 million to help state expand EV charging network across Indiana

Don’t Forget: Every single Indiana Republican in Congress voted “NO” on the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today celebrated the brighter future President Joe Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal (BID) would create for Indiana. Under the BID, the state will see a $100 million investment over five years to expand the Electric Vehicle (EV) charging network in all corners of the Hoosier State. This investment will help take Governor Eric Holcomb’s existing EV charging network – which includes 24 direct-current fast-charging stations – to the #NextLevel, proving once again why partnerships between state and federal governments help deliver solutions. In fact, Indiana can also apply for additional grants to help fund and expand this EV network – all thanks to Democrats and the BID. 

It’s worth noting: Indiana Republicans do not support such opportunities for the Hoosier State. Every single Republican in Indiana’s Congressional delegation voted “NO” on the BID and its transformational investments in the state’s new and evolving EV charging network. In fact, folks like Todd Young, Jackie Walorski, and Larry Bucshon view the EV network, broadband, roads, bridges, and even clean water as “socialism”. The Indiana Republican Party’s partisanship has become so extreme that they are now betting against Indiana’s future. 

Indiana Democrats will make this case with voters during its “Small Town, Indiana” tour and throughout the entire 2022 midterm and state election cycle. Because at the end of the day, it’s Democrats – not Republicans – who’ve delivered and created a better future for Hoosier families. 

Indianapolis Business Journal: “Gov. Eric Holcomb joined the governors of Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin in October to sign a memorandum of understanding to create REV Midwest, or the Regional Electric Vehicle Coalition.

A focus is to make it easier for drivers to find charging stations for their electric vehicles along key corridors in the Midwest. It also will work to promote clean energy and mobility manufacturing, leverage the states’ automotive industry electrification leadership, grow the region’s share of electric vehicle production, and elevate access to tools required to equip the workforce.

The creation of the five-state cooperative comes as Congress continues talks to consider a $1 trillion infrastructure plan that would provide billions of dollars to states to build an electric-vehicle charging infrastructure. 

Holcomb is the only Republican among the five governors who joined the coalition. […]

Indiana currently has about 24 direct-current fast-charging stations, which are most ideal for traveling, and 215 level 2 chargers. By 2023, the state will add 61 fast chargers to its network with money from a settlement with Volkswagen that resulted from the company manufacturing and installing defective emissions-control devices in hundreds of thousands of diesel-powered vehicles.


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