DEMS: “Congressman Young, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Was”


After Telling Hoosier Taxpayers He Would Refuse Pay During Government Shutdown, Young is Refusing to Disclose Where His Money Ended Up

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party called for Congressman Todd Young to show evidence to back up his claim that he did not accept his pay during the government shutdown in 2013. On Tuesday, Young refused to confirm if the money ended up in his pocket.

Withholding pay to members of Congress is not currently allowed, leading many elected officials who likewise vowed to refuse pay during the shutdown to return their paychecks to the Treasury or donate it to charity.

While his own staff wasn’t being paid, Todd Young vowed to give up his pay during the shutdown—with his spokesperson saying “Young thinks it’s only fair that he shouldn’t be able to receive his paycheck,”— once he was automatically paid by law at the close of the shutdown. Yesterday, in the face of scrutiny, Congressman Young’s campaign deliberately neglected to say whether or not he returned his paycheck.

“Congressman Todd Young voted to shut down the government five times, which would have hurt seniors, children, and veterans that rely on important services. But he still got paid. Hoosiers deserve to know if Congressman Young put his money where his mouth was or if he was dishonest with our state,” said Drew Anderson, communications director. “The fact that Congressman Young has failed to answer a simple question about his taxpayer-funded paycheck should be a red flag. Hoosiers deserve to know if Young capitalized on the government shutdown—a move he supported that cost more than $23 billion in lost economic activity.”


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