Diego Morales’s Very Bad Week


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INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today wanted to make one thing clear: Diego Morales had a very bad week at the worst possible time. In fact, this week confirmed Diego has more baggage than a baggage claim – making him unfit to be Indiana’s next Secretary of State. 

Here’s how Diego’s week went down: 

Sunday/Monday: Diego Morales Flip Flops on Early Voting Position 

On Fox59, Morales announced he supported keeping Indiana’s early voting days as is – walking back from his previous proposal to cut early voting from 28 to 14 days. 

Diego Then: “Morales, whose family immigrated to Indiana from Guatemala, has previously pushed the Big Lie that the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump. He’s criticized Indiana’s election security, arguing the state needs to do more to prevent non-citizens from voting. And he wants to cut in half the number of early voting days before each election, from 28 days to 14.” [WFYI]

Diego Now: “I don’t think we ever changed anything then – before the convention. As a private-sector businessman, I talk about ideas and solutions. Let me be clear: what is working right now – early voting 28 days is working, and that’s the way it’s going to stay.” [Fox59]

Indiana Capital Chronicle: Morales walks back early voting limits idea

WIBC: Diego Flip-Flops On Early Voting

Wednesday/Thursday: Diego Caught Misleading Hoosiers about Veteran Status 

Investigation finds Diego Morales inappropriately described himself as an American veteran. He served our nation, but never achieved official status as “veteran”. 

IndyStar: “…Morales won’t provide proof of his veteran status — and his characterization of what he did differs depending on the platform.” 

“Morales said he served in the National Guard for about five years. But a typical National Guard enlistment period is eight years. The photo of Morales in a National Guard uniform? It does not include rank or unit identification, which suggests he had not spent time on active duty as of the time it was taken.”

“As for Morales, his campaign manager told me he “can confirm Diego served for 5 years starting in 2007 in the Army National Guard,” but the campaign cited no records, awards, active duty history or deployment that would support his veteran status. It’s a peculiar aversion to documentation for a secretary of state candidate who is running on proposals to launch statewide audits after every election and require absentee voters to attach copies of photo identification.”

Importantville: “‘Member has not completed first full term of service.’ Infantryman: 00 years 00 months.” 

Importantville: “Waiting on access to @cdiegomorales’s NGB22—which will give further details on his service. A fellow vet tells me they accessed there’s in 4.5 minutes this morning via http://MilConnect.gov So if the campaign says they can’t get it, that doesn’t hold water.” 

Overall: Launch of DiegoNoMorals.com

Indiana Democrats launched DiegoNoMorals.com, a website to expose how Diego Morales is simply unfit to be Indiana’s next secretary of state. 

Learn more about how Diego Morales threatens Hoosier democracy at www.diegonomorals.com

It’s simple: Diego Morales is unfit to serve in public office and he’s a threat to Indiana’s future. His values are more about fulfilling a national extremist agenda than actually creating a better future for the Hoosier State. 

This is exactly why Destiny Wells will win on November 8. Destiny is a veteran, attorney, and mother who will keep Indiana’s elections safe and secure. She’ll put our state’s future – not partisan agendas – first. 


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