Director of Monmouth Poll Dismantles Holcomb Camp’s Spin on Results


INDIANAPOLISOn Friday, Eric Holcomb and his campaign contested a recent Monmouth Poll – calling it “laughably inconsistent.” This comes after the Holcomb Campaign touted the exact poll in August.

Those facts aside, Patrick Murray – Monmouth University Polling Institute’s director – completely dismantled the Holcomb Campaign’s claims. Murray reiterated Friday’s poll used the same exact methodologies as the August poll and described the new results as having “movement in the race.”

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Reporter: “Holcomb’s campaign put out a quick statement following the results of this poll, saying that this poll is an outlier and inconsistent. I take it you don’t agree with that.”

Murray: “Yeah, and I think they said it was ‘laughably inconsistent.’ And I doubt very much that they’re laughing over there because one of the polls that it’s inconsistent with is our own poll, the Monmouth Poll back in August which had actually a one point advantage for Holcomb back then. Now, it’s a twelve point advantage for Gregg using the same exact methodology. Looking at our demographics which are exactly the same from poll to poll – there’s been movement in this race. There’s been a lot of movement in this race.”


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