Disgraced Curtis Hill Tries to Make Political Comeback With INGOP Gubernatorial Run


INDIANAPOLIS — Former Attorney General Curtis Hill today announced that he’s bringing his disgraceful record to the Indiana Republican primary for Governor.

The Indiana Democratic Party released the following statement from IDP Chairman Mike Schmuhl on Hill’s announcement:

“Hoosiers have not forgotten how Curtis Hill disgraced Indiana and the Attorney General’s office just a few short years ago. Indiana was embarrassed on the national stage when Hill groped a legislator and three interns at a social event — leading to our state having an AG who couldn’t practice law for a time. Democrats were joined by Governor Holcomb in calling for Hill’s resignation, which he never offered to the people of Indiana. 

Now, he wants to lead our state as its chief executive. Hoosiers will not let that happen. We call on the Indiana Republican Party to join us in denouncing Curtis Hill’s gubernatorial run. He has proven that is unfit to serve, and wrong for Hoosiers. 

In 2024, we invite Hoosiers to join us in bringing more balance back to our state. Democrats are fighting to level the playing field for families, invest in our local schools, and improve our state’s quality of life that has fallen under 20 years of Republican administrations.”

As AG, Hill also pursued an extreme anti-choice agenda and advocated against the rights of same-sex couples to adopt children.

Hoosiers deserve a governor who will work for everyone, not just himself. Recent reporting has also tied Hill to lieutenant governor candidate Micah Beckwith, who has attempted to ban thousands of books as a library board member in Hamilton County.

Beckwith has had a myriad of out-of-touch moments, including saying the January 6th attacks were inspired by God. Now he’s looking to hold the Republican state convention hostage next year and make himself the nominee.


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