Doctor who?


IN has the lowest # of active docs per 100,000 of neighboring states

INDIANAPOLIS – According to data from the 2019 State Physician Workforce Data report, Indiana trails all neighboring states in active physicians per 100,000 population. Indiana, starting from a deficit, could face a personnel crunch as COVID-19 cases spike.

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The exact number of medical personnel already infected by COVID-19 in Indiana is also unknown. In Ohio, 16 percent of positive COVID-19 cases have been medical personnel. And while state officials were quick to point out 5,300 clinicians stepping up to volunteer on Monday, State Health Commissioner Dr. Kristina Box notably failed to give a specific number of additional personnel needed to meet the expected surge of cases.

The Holcomb administration has been unapologetically resistant to providing critical data to Hoosiers. It’s why Indiana Democratic Party Executive Director Lauren Ganapini called on Governor Holcomb to use his Tuesday briefing to detail the impact on Hoosier medical professionals.

“Doctors and nurses can’t be shipped from the national stockpile or discovered in a warehouse,” Ganapini said. “I’m calling on the governor to make public the additional number of doctors and medical personnel Indiana will need to meet the projected surge and the percentage of positive cases that are medical personnel. Our medical professionals put their lives on the line to protect ours. Let’s make certain we’re doing everything we can to ensure they succeed. That starts with Governor Holcomb making the data public.”


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