Does GOP Frontrunner Marlin Stutzman Oppose Aid to Flint?


Greentown has faced similar problems, would Stutzman agree with FreedomWorks that a solution for Hoosier town is “morally wrong”?

INDIANAPOLIS – Last week, GOP front-runner Marlin Stutzman spoke at an event with the Koch Bros.-founded organization FreedomWorks. As infrastructure continues to be on the forefront of their minds – including a similar problem in Greentown, Hoosiers want to know if Stutzman agrees with FreedomWork’s position that aid to the City of Flint after its contaminated water crisis is morally wrong.

“GOP front-runner Marlin Stutzman is willing to speak to the group Freedom Works, but does he agree with all the organization stands for, including their claim that it is morally wrong for the federal government to intervene and aid victims of the Flint water crisis,” said Drew Anderson, communications director. “Time and again it seems Marlin Stutzman is willing to put his ideology ahead of the overall well-being of Hoosiers. From voting to strip health care from millions of Americans, including many Hoosiers, to voting to shut down the federal government, Stutzman’s history shows he may once again side against the everyday Hoosier.”

Is this the moment when Marlin Stutzman stands up for the Hoosier family and condemns the out-of-touch, Washington organizations like FreedomWorks?


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