Does Holcomb support public dollars funding discrimination?


In 2016, candidate Holcomb said IN doesn’t discriminate

INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody called on first-term Governor Eric Holcomb to publicly weigh in on the controversy surrounding the suspension of a Roncalli High School guidance counselor after the school learned of her same-sex marriage.In 2016, then candidate Holcomb said Indiana welcomes all and doesn’t discriminate. The ambiguity of Governor Holcomb’s position is why Zody believed he must make his position clear.

“This is no time to be coy, the governor needs to take a clear stance,” said Zody. “Does Governor Holcomb back taxpayer dollars flowing to a school that is threatening to fire someone for who they love? Hoosiers deserve an answer.“

While the legislative details are yet to be ironed out, the basic tenet is crystal clear. State Representative Dan Forestal announced he will author legislation prohibiting the state’s voucher program from being used at schools that discriminate against employees because of their sexual orientation and gender identity. The governor is the de facto leader of the Indiana Republican Party and wields vast influence at the Statehouse. It’s why Zody called on the governor to weigh in on Forestal’s proposal.

“A simple yes or no from the governor will suffice,” said Zody. “It’s time to step up. His leadership on this issue is critical.”

Forestal is working with the Legislative Services Agency to draft the bill for the upcoming session.


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