Does Mike Pence Agree with Donald Trump’s “Wages Are Too High” Statement?


Indiana ranks 39th in per capita income, down from 33rd in 2004

INDIANAPOLIS – Last fall, Donald Trump confessed on national television that he believed wages for the everyday American worker were too high. Does Governor Mike Pence agree with him? If you looked at Mike Pence’s record of attacking union workers and the state’s per capita income plummeting to 39th – down from 33rd  in 2004 – the answer would be “yes.”

Click here to watch Donald Trump say American wages are “too high”

“Governor Mike Pence believes a low unemployment number is the ticket to reelection, but the fact is – wages continue to plummet and the Hoosier worker is falling behind the rest of the nation. Per capita income for Hoosiers has dropped to 39th in the U.S., and Mike Pence has spent his own campaign dollars to help repeal the state’s common construction wage law, making it easier for businesses to pay Hoosiers less for more work,” said Drew Anderson, communications director. “Hoosiers and even his lieutenant governor – Eric Holcomb – aren’t buying Pence’s economic ‘snapshot’ as it’s an ideology that doesn’t lead Indiana into the future. They are ready for a governor who will instead bring quality, high-paying jobs back to the Hoosier State.”

Mike Pence has quite the history of siding against the Hoosier worker, and it’s causing the state to fall behind the rest of the nation. Wages for Hoosiers have fallen from $53,500 in 2000 to $46,900 in 2013. And just this last year, Governor Pence did whatever that was necessary to lobby for and repeal Indiana’s common construction wage law – including using money from his own campaign. Now – coupled with the state’s so-called “Right-to-Work” law – the state is attracting lower paying jobs and Hoosiers are earning less for the same work.


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