Does Mike Pence Support Donald Trump’s Call for a Ban on Muslims?


IDP celebrates true “Hoosier Hospitality” shown by the Catholic church to welcome Syrian refugee family

INDIANAPOLIS – Drew Anderson, communications director for the Indiana Democratic Party, released the following statement after the Catholic church welcomed a Syrian refugee family to the state of Indiana and thereby went against Governor Mike Pence’s call to ban refugee families in the state.

“It’s truly heartwarming to see ‘Hoosier Hospitality’ being vindicated in the State of Indiana. However, Governor Mike Pence’s continued opposition to allowing Syrian refugees into the State of Indiana is disturbing as it has further caused damage to our state’s welcoming reputation. So we must ask this question: Given his run-to-the-mic approach on national issues, does Mike Pence also support Donald Trump’s call yesterday to ban Muslims from entering the United States? Hoosiers who practice this peaceful religion want to be rest assured that they will continue to feel welcome in the state they call home, and we’ve heard nothing from the governor on Mr. Trump’s proposal.”


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