Does Rep. Braun back the Trump Administration’s latest effort to take protections away from people with pre-existing conditions?


INDIANAPOLIS – The Trump Administration announced its latest effort to undermine coverage protections for people with pre-existing conditions, but Rep. Braun hasn’t yet said if he also supports this new push to destroy health care for countless Americans with health issues.

The Trump Administration’s new rule today allows states who have received waivers to allow unregulated health care plans onto their insurance markets that would not be required to cover pre-existing conditions. Insurance companies in states with waivers would be allowed to discriminate against people like the 1.1 million Hoosiers under 65 with pre-existing conditions like asthma, diabetes, or a history of cancer, charging them exponentially higher premiums or denying them insurance all together.

Rep. Braun has yet to say whether he supports the Administration’s latest rule, but it would be surprising if he didn’t. After all, Rep. Braun has supported at least three different proposals to take away coverage protections for Hoosiers with pre-existing conditions, including the ongoing lawsuit from the Department of Justice expressly designed to destroy those same protections. And yet despite claiming he has a plan that would retain protections for pre-existing conditions, it does not appear to exist.

“If Rep. Braun actually cared about protecting Hoosiers’ health care, he would denounce the Administration’s latest step to undermine health care for people with pre-existing conditions,” said Michael Feldman, spokesman for the Indiana Democratic Party. “Sadly, Hoosiers with pre-existing conditions already know they can’t trust Rep. Braun to stand up for them. Will he take a stand to protect health care now, or will he continue to support yet another GOP proposal to dismantle protections for pre-existing conditions?”


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