Dr. Todd knows best and the Rokita Rules™


INDIANAPOLIS – Todd Rokita knows better than the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. After he was called out for failing to wear a mask or maintain six feet of social distance, Todd Rokita said he has his own approach, and – the kicker — it’s safer.

From the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette Rokita jabbed over no masks

“Coincidentally, Rokita was tested for COVID-19 a day later in preparation for a specific meeting and the results were negative. He said that proves his “approach was as safe, if not safer, than wearing a mask in posing for photos and appearing in photos.”

While Governor Eric Holcomb continues to implore Hoosiers to wear a mask, Todd Rokita is implying he won’t.

Talking out of both sides of his mouth isn’t new for Todd Rokita, in fact it’s like a personal rule. Rokita decried public spending in Congress after wasting $3 million in taxpayer dollars promoting himself. Rokita boasts of cracking down on law breakers while he racked up ethics violations for fundraising in his state-funded office.

Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody had just one simple question for Rokita.

“Todd Rokita knows better than the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and got his MD from Breitbart University,” said Zody. “One simple question, Todd. Should Hoosiers follow your advice and stop wearing masks?”


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