Eddie Melton Statement on Conclusion of INGOP’s Diversity Program


INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today issued the following statement from Eddie Melton (INDems Deputy Chair and State Senator – District 3) in response to the conclusion of the Indiana Republican Party’s diversity series:

“Indiana Democrats are consistent with their call to bring more diverse voices to federal, state, and local government so that the Hoosier State can deliver better opportunities and create a better future for all families no matter the Zip code. However, it’s imperative for accountability to be a part of the process whenever leaders fall short of this goal of achieving the greater good. 

This very principle is why the Indiana Republican Party should do more than just create a diversity series, because as it stands, the diversity program is overshadowed by the actions of elected Republicans who have time and again shown Black and Brown Hoosiers that they are not valued or respected in the state. For instance, Republican leaders only provided elected officials a slap on the wrist for shouting down and booing members of the Indiana Black Legislative Caucus during the 2021 legislative session. Further, Indiana Republicans like Attorney General Todd Rokita are actively participating in a nationwide partisan strategy to instill fear with voters about a college-level course that is not being taught in Indiana’s public schools. This manufactured crisis has already been debunked by some of the state’s school superintendents, and it intentionally plays to some of our darkest angels — and all for the purpose of short-term political success. 

A part of me wishes I could celebrate the work the Indiana Republican Party is doing to tear down barriers and create a better community for the Hoosier State. As the Republican Party looks to embrace diversity to bring new people into their party, I urge their party leadership to hold their current bad actors accountable when members of their own party consistently use tactics that amount to dog whistling against the very people they are looking to bring into the Party.”


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