Editorials, columnists slam Congressman Rokita’s “naked ambition” & hypocritical elitism


INDIANAPOLIS – On the heels of revelations about his diva-esque driving requirements and San Francisco fundraisers, this weekend editorials and columnists across the state slammed Congressman Rokita for his “naked ambition” and hypocritical elitism. See for yourself:

Kokomo Tribune Editorial: Rokita should focus on his job
    • “Supervisors want employees who are committed to the job, not to a job search, Andy Teach, a corporate veteran and author, told Forbes’ Jacquelyn Smith on Oct. 9, 2013. This bit of timeless advice apparently hasn’t reached Rep. Todd Rokita, though. This is a politician who hasn’t met a potentially open higher political position he didn’t covet.”
    • “While we now fully comprehend the dimensions of Rokita’s naked ambition, we think he had it right the first time when he left the congressional race to pursue Pence’s old job. It’s obvious wherever Rokita’s thoughts may be, they obviously aren’t with his current job.”
    • “If Rokita wants to run for a different office every time one becomes available, fine. But, it’s clear his focus is far from his current role. We’re sure there are a long line of successors who would only be too happy to make a coveted seat in Congress their main focus instead of just a holding area until something juicier comes along.
    • “The residents of District 4 are your supervisors, Rep. Rokita, and we see where your wandering eyes are focused for the time being — and it’s not on us.”


Evansville Courier & Press, Webb: Donnelly rides down center of Indiana

Rokita’s fight is especially ridiculous…His ‘Defeat the Elite’ campaign wants to paint Messer and Donnelly both as members of the high-class Washington establishment. Meanwhile, according to a hilarious report from the Indy Star, the four-term Congressman / airplane owner will host a high-dollar fundraiser at a San Francisco restaurant – Wayfare Tavern — that describes itself as a ‘men’s club meets mountain lodge.’

Journal & Courier, Bangert: The Trump gold standard: ‘Safe in this room’ 

Town halls that turned quickly to chaotic shouting matches in the weeks after the start of the Trump administration gave congressmen – our man, Todd Rokita, included – a convenient escape hatch to avoid crowds that haven’t been pre-screened by a friendly RSVP list. In Rokita’s case, the 4th District representative’s Congress on Your Corner events held in congressional recesses in previous years have been replaced by statewide meet-and-greet events in for his 2018 Senate campaign. (That, and fundraising – including a $1,000-a-plate affair scheduled Wednesday at the Wayfare Tavern in San Francisco. Such are the perils of a ‘Defeat the Elite’ campaign slogan when the Brownsburg Republican was called out for going deep into swank restaurant territory of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to round up campaign cash.)


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