Eric Holcomb and Mike Braun Will Tout Record of Low-Wage Jobs, Opposition to Minimum Wage in Today’s Online Conversation


Senator Braun: “Everywhere I go in Indiana, Hoosiers tell me one of their biggest concerns is preparing our workforce to fill great jobs…”

IndyStar: Indiana lost more ‘good’ jobs than it gained, study says

Fact Sheet: Debunking GOP Myths about the Minimum Wage

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today called on the Indiana press corps to ask Governor Eric Holcomb and U.S. Senator Mike Braun about the Indiana Republican Party’s record of losing the state’s “good jobs” and forcing Hoosier workers to accept low-wage jobs — making them work more for less. Mike Braun’s office will have a Facebook Live discussion with Eric Holcomb about the state’s workforce, and it’s likely they’ll use the same, tired myths and misinformation about unemployment insurance, the reality of Indiana’s economy, and their opposition to increasing the minimum wage for more than 892,000 Hoosiers who earn less than $15.00 an hour. 

The Indiana Democratic Party implores the media to ask Holcomb and Braun why they are putting their partisan litmus tests ahead of facts and expert advice about how to create better opportunities for Hoosier workers. Their records prove they’ve let down hardworking families, and it’s hurting Indiana in the process. 

“It’s simple: the Indiana Republican Party is OK with forcing Hoosier workers to work more for less. It’s why they refuse to follow the facts and ignore advice from economic experts, because paying Hoosiers a fair wage would go against their feckless partisanship,” said Drew Anderson, spokesman for the Indiana Democratic Party. “Holcomb, Braun, and other Republicans continue their search for an identity that frankly is more tailored to last century than a 21st Century Indiana. Only Democrats have a plan, and the American Jobs Plan will create better opportunities for all workers and Hoosier families in the process.” 

Indiana Democrats are ready to deliver for Indiana and its families. Thanks to President Joe Biden and Democrats’ American Rescue Plan, Indiana finally has a chance to put COVID-19 in the rearview mirror. However, the upcoming American Jobs Plan will help create good-paying jobs for Hoosier workers, revitalize the state’s infrastructure system, and set the nation up to outcompete China in the future. This means the Jobs Plan will also wipe out childcare deserts, expand more broadband access, and deliver better health care opportunities for Indiana’s veterans. 

Once again, here’s how the Indiana Republican Party’s rhetoric doesn’t match up with reality:

The INGOP’s Projection of Indiana’s Economy

Senator Braun: “Everywhere I go in Indiana, Hoosiers tell me one of their biggest concerns is preparing our workforce to fill great jobs…”

Governor Eric Holcomb: “Understand that we have more people in the workforce today than we did pre-pandemic. Understand that we have a full employment of 3.9-percent. The 120,000-plug jobs that need to be filled is a fraction of what is available…there is A LOT of opportunity. That is the good news.” 

Indiana’s Economic Reality 

Indiana Public Media: Experts Say Other Factors Are Causing Hiring Woes – Not Unemployment Benefits

Economist Micah Pollak: “…if a couple hundred dollars a week is enough to convince a worker not to work for you, then I think you need to question what kind of work environment and pay are you offering.”

IndyStar: Indiana lost more ‘good’ jobs than it gained, study says 


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