Eric Holcomb Appears Out of Touch Following Committee Hearing on LGBT Rights


Lt. Gov. Holcomb on RFRA: “Rough Patch”, “We Got Through It”

INDIANAPOLIS – Where is Eric Holcomb on LGBT protections for Hoosiers? He refused to support it following an editorial board meeting with the Indianapolis Star. And RFRA? Eric Holcomb believes the state’s $250 million economic panic was simply a “rough patch” and Indiana “got through it.”

If that’s the case, then why are Statehouse Republicans still holding hearings on this issue? Why are more than 500 businesses and 70% of Hoosiers still calling for full protections for the LGBT community?

“Eric Holcomb is tone deaf if he believes Indiana ‘got through’ its RFRA ‘rough patch’ when the state continues to repair the economic damage and embarrassment Mike Pence’s ideology brought to Hoosiers,” said Drew Anderson, communications director. “Eric Holcomb is ignoring the call for Hoosier Common Sense from businesses and voters for LGBT protections as his ideological agenda is taking priority. Just like Mike Pence, Eric Holcomb’s anti-LGBT positions would only hurt the future of Indiana.”

Eric Holcomb is no friend to the LGBT community as he has a long history of supporting policies that hurt LGBT Hoosiers. As lieutenant governor, Holcomb said Gov. Pence “struck the right tone” when the governor declined to support LGBT protections during the State of the State address. As Chairman of the Indiana Republican Party, Holcomb was responsible for allowing the party to add a same-sex marriage ban to its platform. And as a candidate for state representative, Holcomb said he’d vote “no” on LGBT protections.

Eric Holcomb would only continue the status quo with Statehouse Republicans’ long history of putting anti-LGBT policies before the well-being of Hoosiers and the state of Indiana. At a time when Hoosiers want to go a new direction – one that includes everyone in the state – Eric Holcomb would have Indiana fall short.


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