Eric Holcomb Blames Indy Recorder on Interview Snub


INDIANAPOLIS – Leave it up to Eric Holcomb to blame the Indianapolis Recorder for his choice to snub the state’s largest African-American newspaper. In fact after first declining to comment on the issue, Holcomb then turned to actually blaming the Indianapolis Recorder for conflicting schedules – even though the paper simply wanted a ten minute phone interview.

Eric Holcomb: “I’m sorry they feel that way…it’s just we have to work together to accommodate each other’s schedules. So they are welcome in the car any time.”

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“It’s unforgiveable that in the year 2016 a nominee for governor brushes off Indiana’s top newspaper for the African-American community. Eric Holcomb has done just that, telling black voters across the state that they are not worthy of his time,” said Cordelia Lewis Burks, Vice Chair of the Indiana Democratic Party. “With stagnant wages and fewer educational opportunities in urban areas, Indiana is at a crossroads, and we need someone who will vouch for everyone no matter who they are or what background they have. Through his actions, Eric Holcomb has shown he won’t stand up for African-American Hoosiers – an action that should automatically disqualify him as a candidate for office.”


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