Eric Holcomb Chooses Party over Hoosier Common Sense


INDIANAPOLIS – Eric Holcomb had the opportunity to renounce Donald Trump after he condoned sexual assault on women. But even after new reports showed allegations that Trump made unwanted advances on women, Holcomb still chose his political party over the well-being of human beings.

And yesterday, Hoosiers saw Eric Holcomb would make whatever political calculation was needed to try to save his career.

Fox 59: Eric Holcomb Continues Support of Donald Trump

WISH: “Holcomb, Scott Walker stand behind Trump”

“…he still can’t escape the controversy surrounding Donald Trump.

There is widespread concern among Indiana Republicans that Donald Trump’s lead in Indiana will slip and that, if one-time Trump supporters stay home, it will hurt their chances to be elected.” […]

“Yet all of the media questions were about Donald Trump.”

WIBC: “…Holcomb for Governor, Holcomb Still Supports Trump”


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