Eric Holcomb Continues Hiding, Dodges Jobs Event


INDIANAPOLIS – Eric Holcomb has been hiding after Rexnord announced that more than 350 Hoosier jobs would be shipped to Mexico. In fact, it appears that Holcomb would rather not talk about it at all. Eric Holcomb was supposed to attend a groundbreaking announcement today – but flaked at a last moment’s notice.

Why is Eric Holcomb hiding?

“It’s no coincidence Eric Holcomb has chosen to be quiet following the Rexnord announcement as he was a part of the team that shrugged to Carrier when it shipped more than 1,400 jobs to Mexico,” said Drew Anderson, communications director. “Hoosiers are fed up with seeing their high-wage jobs being replaced with lower pay jobs that make them work more for less. Eric Holcomb refuses to admit that he’s a part of the problem that’s been driving Hoosier wages down in the last four years.”

Earlier this year, Carrier workers were blindsided when their employer decided to ship their jobs overseas. Aside from their choice to not meet with workers, what was Mike Pence and Eric Holcomb’s response? A shrug. Eric Holcomb went even further and said, “There is nothing that Indiana could have done to keep those jobs.”

But you’re wrong, Eric. Union workers across the state have protested that the Pence-Holcomb Administration could have done more to help. Earlier this month, the AFL-CIO launched a “Protect Hoosier Jobs” tour where they highlighted how the state could have held Carrier accountable for abandoning its workers instead of blaming the federal government.

WISH: “Holcomb blamed for losing Carrier jobs to Mexico”

The AFL-CIO is supporting Democrat John Gregg in the race for governor and it’s blaming Republican Eric Holcomb for the loss of Carrier jobs because, it said Holcomb supports the Mike Pence policies that led to the job shift.” […]

“AFL-CIO President Brett Voorhies complained that the Pence administration gave incentives to Carrier and failed to recover all of them when the company decided to leave.

‘The Pence/Holcomb…that’s all they did,’ he said, ‘is just basically shrug their shoulders, you know, sorry we can’t get ya a deal, bye bye, you’re going on to Mexico.’”

NWI Times“Unions launch campaign to defeat Holcomb”

“The Indiana State AFL-CIO kicked off a Protect Hoosier Jobs tour at Laborers’ Local 41 headquarters on Tuesday, aimed at defeating what it calls the “Pence-Holcomb agenda.”


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