Eric Holcomb, INGOP Stop at Nothing to Force “Work More for Less” Economy on Hoosiers


WISH-TV: Indiana files formal appeal in unemployment restart case

ICYMI: Indiana’s workforce ranks 43rd in the nation – handing the state an “F” rating

American Jobs Plan: Why Indiana and Hoosier Families Need It

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today called out Governor Eric Holcomb and the Indiana Republican Party for once again wasting taxpayer dollars in a pursuit to force their “work more for less” economy onto Hoosier workers. Indiana Republicans filed an appeal to reverse an order from a Marion Court judge that allowed workers to receive unemployment relief during COVID-19. This federal relief is helping Hoosiers – especially gig and temp workers – make ends meet at a time when Indiana is failingletting down its workforce and ranking near the bottom in the nation. 

Here’s the problem: Indiana Republicans have created a “work more for less” economy. Over the last decade, Republicans were found to lose more “good jobs” than they gained for the state. Further, Republicans consistently refuse to raise wages for the state’s workforce, denying a better future for the 892,000 Hoosiers making under $15.00 an hour. The Indiana Republican Party’s partisanship has become so outdated and extreme that they’d rather abide by myths and misinformation than actually deliver for Hoosier families.

In contrast, Indiana Democrats are ready to deliver this better opportunity for the state’s workforce, and it’ll be the American Jobs Plan that gets the job done. This is why the Indiana Democratic Party has embarked on another statewide tour to share with Hoosiers why Indiana needs a revitalized infrastructure system. Once signed into law, the Jobs Plan would create those good-paying jobs that’ll solve the INGOP’s “work more for less” economy, dismantle the Republicans’ “right to work” laws, and solve some of today’s most pressing infrastructure needs – such as expanding broadband, eliminating childcare deserts, and fixing crumbling roads and bridges. 

Here’s how the Governor Eric Holcomb and the Indiana Republican Party is failing Indiana’s workforce:

Indiana Republicans’ “Work More for Less” Economy 

CNBC ranks Indiana’s workforce at 43 in this year’s “Top States for Business” rankings

IndyStar: Indiana lost more ‘good’ jobs than it gained, study says

“…Indiana added more than 181,000 new low-paying jobs during that time while losing nearly 104,000 middle-wage jobs.”

Eric Holcomb, INGOP Continue Partisan Lawsuit to End Unemployment Benefits

WISH-TV: Indiana filed its formal appeal overnight of a Marion County judge’s order to restart federal unemployment benefits.

The state argues the five citizens who filed the suit have no legal right to sue over the expanded unemployment insurance program, and that even if they did, state law doesn’t require Indiana to participate in the CARES Act extension of unemployment.


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