Eric Holcomb is “Quite Proud” Hoosiers’ Quality of Life is 45th in the Nation



INDIANAPOLIS – Eric Holcomb has said that he’s “quite proud” of the direction the state’s gone in the last four years. Guess this means Eric Holcomb is “quite proud” of Indiana’s well-being ranking near dead last.

In fact, a recent survey tallied by CNBC ranks Indiana’s quality of life at 45th in the nation and second to last in the Midwest. This must be why Hoosiers are fed up with working more while earning less, the state’s economy remains sluggish, and the LGBT community still does not have full equality in Indiana.

So while Holcomb is quick to tout a monthly jobs number, he won’t tell Hoosiers their quality of life is one of the worst in the United States.

“Eric Holcomb touts a jobs numbers to mask the fact that Hoosiers now more than ever rank near the bottom in their quality of life and overall well-being,” said John Zody, Chairman. “But with our workers clocking more hours while earning less and open discrimination against LGBT Hoosiers, this ranking makes sense. Eric Holcomb has proven he cannot build a stronger state for everyone, and it’s why we are falling behind. We can do better.”


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