Eric Holcomb Only Mentions Manufacturing Once in His Policy Plans


INDIANAPOLIS – Eric Holcomb’s policy ideas for manufacturing are limited to just a single mention on his website. This, as Hoosier workers have seen their jobs shipped out of the nation, including announcements like Carrier, UTEC, and now Rexnord.

But history shows Eric Holcomb doesn’t consider middle-class workers a priority. Holcomb is someone who opposed saving about 100,000 Hoosier jobs with the auto rescue and shrugged his shoulders the moment Carrier still planned to move more than 1,400 positions to Mexico.

Screenshot of Eric Holcomb’s actual plans for manufacturing.

The Hoosier middle class needs a governor with a detailed plan that will fight to increase their wages while advocating for them when they need him the most. History tells Hoosiers that’s not Eric Holcomb.


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