Eric Holcomb Short on Ideas for How to Govern State


Lt. Gov. Holcomb bombs interview with Indianapolis Star’s editorial board

INDIANAPOLIS – What is Eric Holcomb’s vision for the state of Indiana? Eric Holcomb himself couldn’t even tell you.

Click here to watch Eric Holcomb bomb his interview with the IndyStar.

In an editorial board meeting yesterday with the IndyStar, Holcomb once again failed to outline any vision for moving Indiana forward and instead continued his strong support for the failed polices of his partner, Governor Mike Pence. From opposing universal Pre-K, providing no plans for fixing the state’s infrastructure to refusing to support equality for LGBT Hoosiers, Eric Holcomb showed he simply just wants to follow in the same footsteps as Mike Pence and his out-of-touch ideology.

“Eric Holcomb’s candidacy should raise some red flags for Hoosiers who truly want to forget Mike Pence and the mess he left in Indiana. Holcomb reaffirmed his support for Pence’s ideology by calling universal Pre-K a ‘pie in the sky’ idea and by saying Indiana is ‘through’ the damage RFRA caused the state,” said John Zody, Chairman. “Not only is Eric Holcomb out-of-touch with middle class Hoosier families, he’s demonstrated that his only policy platform is nothing more than whatever Mike Pence said or did as governor.”

What did Eric Holcomb have to say about the state’s economy? Infrastructure? HEA 1337? Well, take a look below to find out. And if you still don’t believe us, see it all for yourself by clicking here.

Issue Holcomb’s Answer

HEA 1337

Supported It

Said it was a “rough patch” and Indiana “got through it”

LGBT Protections

Refused to Support


No plans


Opposed Universal Pre-K, said it was a “pie-in-the-sky”


Let’s elect more Hoosier Democrats
We can't sit this one out.