Eric Holcomb: Three Campaigns Worth of Bad Fundraising


RGA attempts to bail Holcomb out of his money woes 

INDIANAPOLIS – Eric Holcomb is on his third race this year and still cannot raise enough money to fund his campaign. It’s so bad that the Republican Governors Association has had to consistently hand over bailout money just for Holcomb to stay afloat – totaling more than $6.5 million.

“Eric Holcomb is relying on bailouts from Washington, D.C. after he failed to attract any sort of fundraising in Indiana,”said Drew Anderson, communications director. “This also happened during his first campaign for U.S. Senate earlier this year. But we should have seen this coming as Eric Holcomb is now on his third campaign and still cannot raise any campaign cash.”

Source: Indiana Election Division

If it weren’t for the RGA or unpopular Governor Mike Pence, Eric Holcomb would essentially be in the same position he found himself during his U.S. Senate race. And look where that ended up for him.


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