Eric Holcomb Wants to End HIP 2.0



INDIANAPOLIS – Eric Holcomb has said he wants the Affordable Care Act to be repealed. But does he know this means he would effectively advocate for the full dismantlement of his administration’s Healthy Indiana Plan 2.0?

Under an agreement made between the federal government and the state, the Affordable Care Act fully foots the bill for HIP 2.0. This means if Eric Holcomb got his wish and the federal healthcare law was repealed, then more than 350,000 Hoosiers would lose their coverage.

“It’s ironic that for all his opposition to the Affordable Care Act, Eric Holcomb essentially advocates for the dismantlement of his administration’s Healthy Indiana Plan 2.0,” said Drew Anderson, communications director. “More than 350,000 Hoosiers would lose their healthcare if Holcomb got his wish, and it’s all due to partisan ideology. Eric Holcomb is proving to Hoosiers that there are no limits to his partisan games – even if it means putting their healthcare at risk.”


ACA Repeal Would End HIP 2.0

HEADLINE: EDITORIAL: Obamacare’s irony Pence’s signature HIP 2.0 plan can’t exist if ACA goes away. [Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, 7/5/15]

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette Editorial: Repealing the ACA Would Essentially Repeal HIP 2.0 Expansion. “But what Pence and other GOP leaders never mention is that HIP 2.0 and programs like it are built on the funding provided by the Affordable Care Act. Repealing the law repeals the funding, which would essentially repeal the HIP 2.0 expansion.” [Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, Editorial, 7/5/15]

Holcomb Wants to Repeal the Affordable Care Act

Holcomb Called For The Repeal & Replacement Of Obamacare With Private & State-Led Solutions. According to the News Examiner, “Holcomb said that among his Better Way Plan is a call for term limits as part of the way to reform Washington. Congress should also live under the same laws it passes and not exempt itself as it currently does. ‘The public servant should not live better than those they serve,’ he said. All agreed Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act, must be repealed and replaced with private- and state-led solutions. All called for strong borders to prevent illegal immigration and provide no path for citizenship for the illegals already in the country. ‘In November, the stakes couldn’t be higher for which direction we go. We will continue to lurch left or we will right the ship,’ Holcomb said. ‘We can turn America around the same way we turned Indiana around.’” [News Examiner, 2/7/16]

While Holcomb Was State Party Chair, He Served On Platform Committee For 2012 Indiana GOP Platform That Called For ACA To Be Repealed. Holcomb was chair of the Indiana Republican party and member of the party’s platform committee that wrote 2012 platform which stated the party was “committed to repealing the ACA. [Indiana Republican Party, 2012 Platform]



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