Eric Holcomb Won’t Admit RFRA’s Negative Impact on Indiana


INDIANAPOLIS –Eric Holcomb still won’t acknowledge the damage Mike Pence’s RFRA has brought to Indiana. Holcomb, who believed Pence “struck the right tone” on LGBT rights, won’t acknowledge the $250 million economic panic, the $60 million lost in tourism revenue, or the twelve conventions the state lost because of RFRA.

But worst of all, Eric Holcomb won’t admit that Mike Pence’s RFRA embarrassed Indiana and put its “Hoosier Hospitality” reputation in jeopardy. Is this something Eric Holcomb is “quite proud” of?

“Mike Pence’s RFRA tarnished Indiana’s welcoming reputation and brought long-term, colossal damage to the state’s economy. Yet, Eric Holcomb won’t acknowledge the law was wrong, nor does he have a plan to fix what is now open discrimination against LGBT Hoosiers,” said Drew Anderson, communications director. “Hoosiers are fed up with the Pence-Holcomb Administration putting their out-of-touch agenda ahead of Indiana’s well-being. They want to see all Hoosiers to feel included – not just a special few.”


Holcomb Said That “The Governor Struck The Right Tone In His State Of The State Address” On Saying Any LGBT Measure Should Place A Premium On Shielding Religious Freedom. According to IndyStar, “While Holcomb is generally well-liked among the GOP’s different factions, it remains to be seen whether he will be able to help Pence restore his relationship with business and more socially moderate Republicans. They wanted lawmakers to pass a gay rights measure during this year’s legislative session, but that measure stalled, in part, because of the stance Pence took in his State of the State address. In the speech, Pence said he would want any measure to place a premium on shielding religious freedom.  Holcomb said he agreed with Pence’s message.  ‘I think the governor struck the right tone in his State of the State address,’ Holcomb said.” [IndyStar, 2/9/16]

Holcomb Openly Said He Backed The Governor’s Stance On The Civil Rights Protections For The LGBT Community. According to the Associated Press, “But both Pence and Ellspermann deny there is a rift between them, though differences between the two were highlighted in September when Ellspermann said she supported civil rights protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. The party has been divided over the issue since the backlash against the religious objections law that the Republican-led Legislature passed last year before watering it down under heavy criticism from big business. Pence has said he favors religious freedoms over protections for anyone who has been declined service, fired from a job or denied housing over sexual orientation or gender identity. But Holcomb has openly said he backed the governor’s stance. […] He also brings wide rapport that would serve as a bridge for Pence to unite the business-oriented moderates and tea party-backed conservatives who have clashed over the LGBT debates.” [The Associated Press, 3/3/16]



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