Eric Holcomb’s Education Plan Doesn’t Make the Grade


Indiana Public Media: “During the same [Holcomb] event, his Democrat challenger John Gregg received a standing ovation…”

INDIANAPOLIS – Another day, another time when Eric Holcomb’s ideas are just more of the same as Mike Pence. The Holcomb Campaign was once again compared to Mike Pence’s harmful record, but this time it was on education – on the eve of the first governor’s debate focused on…education.

Eric Holcomb’s policy proposal included his ongoing opposition to a statewide Pre-K system as well as the administration’s choice to shortchange struggling schools and use loose accountability practices to charter schools.

Mike Pence’s political agenda would only continue under Eric Holcomb, and that’s a direction Hoosiers do not want to go.

Indiana Public Media: “During the same event, his Democrat challenger John Gregg received a standing ovation and claimed Holcomb would support divisive education policies.”

WISH-TV: “It’s not very detailed. In fact, it fills only two pages if you use large print.”

WIBC: “…The proposals include no new initiatives beyond Holcomb’s previously announced support for expanding Indiana’s five-county pilot program for state-funded preschool for low-income pupils…”

IndyStar: “Lt. Gov. Eric Holcomb, the Republican candidate for governor, laid out an education plan Monday that would continue many of Gov. Mike Pence’s initiatives and expand others.” […]

“Holcomb did not provide specifics about the size and costs of the proposals, saying he would work with state lawmakers as they hash out a two-year budget during the 2017 legislative session that begins in January.

As with an economic plan Holcomb announced last week, his education agenda would carry over many of the priorities espoused by Pence, who left the governor’s race to become Republican Donald Trump’s vice presidential nominee.”

NWI Times: “Holcomb education plan continues GOP policies of last 12 years”

“Lt. Gov. Eric Holcomb finally unveiled his plans for Indiana schools Monday, promising to stay the course with the past 12 years of Republican education policies if Hoosiers elect him Nov. 8 to succeed Gov. Mike Pence.” […]

He did not explain specifically how he plans to do that, or how he’ll convince the General Assembly to support him, but said, ‘We need to get about doing something about it.’

He also offered few details about pre-kindergarten education other than urging “responsible” expansion of the state’s five-county preschool pilot program to children with the greatest financial need, without detailing where or at what cost.”


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