Eric Holcomb’s Plan Rollout Confirms He’s a Pence Redux


NWI Times: Holcomb “clammed up” when asked how he would pay for plans

INDIANAPOLIS – After 67 days with no policy plans, Eric Holcomb’s big announcement rollout couldn’t have gone any worse. In fact, Holcomb once again aligned himself with the very unpopular Mike Pence and his failed economic agenda that has wages falling for our workers and the LGBT community open to discrimination.

You could say Eric Holcomb is “quite proud” of being an exact clone of Mike Pence. With the coverage below, it’s safe to say the Holcomb Campaign is proving that a Holcomb-Crouch Administration would be nothing more than a Mike Pence Redux.

IndyStar: “Eric Holcomb introduces economic agenda that looks much like Mike Pence’s”

“Holcomb on Tuesday detailed an economic plan that largely carries over policies from the Pence administration,drawing praise from fellow Republicans and criticism from Democrats who’ve spent years arguing that the state’s growth is too sluggish.”

NWI Times: “Echoes of Pence in Holcomb plan for Indiana’s economic future”

“Much of Holcomb’s economic development plan merely implements, continues or expands programs begun under Republican Gov. Mike Pence…”

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette: “Holcomb’s economic development plan rests almost solely on ideas being pushed by Gov. Mike Pence’s administration, including a new $1 billion innovation and entrepreneurship plan.”

WISH-TV: “The Holcomb plan does borrow heavily from plans put forward by outgoing governor Mike Pence. It comes without a price tag and with no clearly identified source of funding.”

Statehouse File: “Republican candidate for governor Eric Holcomb announced his economic agenda Tuesday but offered few new ideas and little information about how he would fund it.”

WIBC: “Holcomb hasn’t spelled out how he’d pay for those programs, nor for a commitment to more infrastructure funding.”

Indiana Public Media: “Asked how he will pay for all of it, Holcomb was less specific.”


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