Extreme Partisan Niemeyer Enters Region Congressional Race


INDIANAPOLIS — Randy Niemeyer announced his bid for Congress in Northwest Indiana this weekend, and voters deserve to know his record of being an extreme partisan conservative.

“The contrast between extreme partisan Randy Niemeyer and Congressman Frank Mrvan could not be more clear,” said Indiana Democratic Party Spokesperson Sam Barloga. “Frank has worked tirelessly delivering for Northwest Indiana, and supporting our strong union workforce. While Randy wants to see the government do nothing, Frank is building a record of investing in Hoosier jobs, taking on Big Pharma to lower prescription drug prices, and restoring women’s healthcare rights in Indiana and across the country. Unlike Randy, Frank has a track record of working across the aisle as Vice Chairman of the bipartisan Congressional Steel Caucus.”

Randy is the chair of the Lake County Republican Party, and has championed the most dangerous MAGA ideals as chair and County Councilman. 

Randy slandered hard working local teachers as “left-wing wacko[s]”, attacking Northwest Indiana’s quality educators. He commended the January 6th insurrectionists that attempted to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

Randy supported new restrictions on absentee voting from Statehouse Republicans, making it harder for elderly Hoosiers and military families overseas to vote.

Randy’s view is that the government should, “have the least impact on people’s lives as we can.”

In contrast, Rep. Frank Mrvan has been a steadfast fighter for Hoosier families, workers, and seniors. He’s delivering the economy of the future for NW Indiana by investing in Hoosier jobs, standing with union labor, and fighting dangerous healthcare bans. That’s why NW Indiana will re-elect him next year.


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