FACT CHECK: Congressman Todd Young Misleads on his Real Record of Voting Against Hoosier Workers


INDIANAPOLIS – During Congressman Todd Young’s appearance on Fox News yesterday, he deceived Hoosier voters yet again by claiming that he opposes the Trans-Pacific Partnership and cares about auto jobs. But here are the facts:

Congressman Young on Carrier

What Young Says Now:
Congressman Young claimed to “feel for these Carrier workers and their families.”

What Young Did Then:
Congressman Young chose to vote against the Trade Adjustment Assistance program, which provides crucial retraining and assistance to workers who lose their jobs to outsourcing, including those at Carrier. Young is also “philosophically opposed” to the program—even though it has helped 30,000 Hoosiers since Young first got to Washington.

Just as bad, Congressman Young accepted campaign cash from Carrier even after it announced layoffs of thousands of Hoosier workers, and he voted to allow companies that ship jobs overseas—like Carrier—to keep their tax breaks.

Young on Trans-Pacific Partnership

What Young Says Now:
Congressman Young said he does not support the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

What Young Did Then:
Congressman Young voted multiple times to give President Obama the authority to fast-track TPP, and has repeatedly stated his support for the TPP. That’s not surprising since Young has received the most contributions of the entire Indiana congressional delegation from groups interested in fast-track trade authority.

Young on the Auto Industry

What Young Says Now:
Congressman Young on auto jobs: “If we want to make sure we have good autoworker jobs…we need to make sure that we open up those foreign markets.”

What Young Did:
Young said he would have voted against the auto industry rescue, called saving more than 100,000 Hoosier job “a waste,” and thinks that the auto industry should have gone “belly up.”

Behind closed doors in Washington, Congressman Young argued that his job as a Member of Congress and a candidate “is to go out there and continue to make the argument for things like free trade,” even though it takes jobs away from Hoosiers.

“Congressman Todd Young will say anything to try to get elected, including trying to hide his true feelings about Carrier workers, the auto rescue, and the TPP,” said John Zody, Chairman. “The reality is, Todd Young has voted against Hoosier workers from day one and is now trying to mislead them about his record. But Congressman Young can’t change the facts: He voted against worker assistance programs and has vocally supported the TPP – all while receiving money from the corporations and special interests that endorse those dangerous views. Todd Young might do whatever possible to fulfill his political ambitions, but all Hoosiers see is someone who will stop at nothing to get ahead even when it means Hoosier workers get hurt.”


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