FACT CHECK: Congressman Young’s Plan Would Cut $180 Billion From Agriculture Programs Hoosier Farmers Rely On


Congressman Todd Young authored a plan that would cut $180 billion from agriculture programs crucial to the livelihoods of Indiana farmers.

Young’s cuts include $33 billion in cuts to federal farm subsidies. Indiana ranks 11th in the nation in the number of federal farm subsidies received, and 59 percent of Indiana farms received subsidies in 2014.


The Young-Drafted Ryan Plan Unilaterally Slashed Agriculture Programs By $180 Billion. In a March 2012 editorial, the Fargo Forum wrote, “Moreover, by kissing off other bipartisan committee work that calls for cuts in specific programs, Ryan has made the partisan divide wider, even throwing up barriers. For example, his proposal takes no significant notice of bipartisan farm bill negotiations that call for some $23 billion in cuts in agriculture, conservation and nutrition programs. Ryan would cut $180 billion – a figure that apparently was reached without discussions with ag committee members of either party.” [Fargo Forum, Editorial, 3/22/12]

Federal Farm Subsidies Were In Danger of $33 Billion In Cuts Under The Young-Drafted Ryan Plan. “A cut of $33 billion over 10 years to farm subsidies would be larger than a bipartisan plan hatched last year and would be difficult for farm state lawmakers to choke down.” [Huffington Post, 3/20/12]


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